Ruzzle Free


A fun, fast word game


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Ruzzle Free is a word game that is similar to Words With Friends and other mobile offerings. Here, your objective is to form as many words as you can within a certain amount of time using the letters given to you on the game board.

Although you can practice alone, Ruzzle Free is designed to pit you against other human players over the Internet. You'll have two minutes to form as many words as you can with the letters on your screen, which are identical for both players.

The words that you form will give you different point values depending on the length the word is and which letters you use to form it. A five-letter word is typically worth more than a four-letter one, but if you use rare letters in a shorter word, it will probably give you more points.

Ruzzle Free is a fun, dynamic word game that allows you to show off your language skills in rapid-fire games. And you can play the game in various languages, just in case you wanted to practice your Spanish or German skills.

Requires Android 2.2 or higher.

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